Monday, December 9, 2013

"I am the hungry little girl who sat in the sand over fifty years ago"

 December 1, 2013

125,000 word Preview edition of Torn From the Inside Out.
Narrative Memoir: 
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In 1987, during a Februrary rainstorm,Sara Niles fled for her life from a homicidal abuser, with her five young children in tow. 

“In every life there is a timeless and unforgettable minute or day that will be forever etched into our mind’s memory. I have unforgettable memories that are so vivid that I see them in Technicolor, and I hear them in surround sound”“In the process of my evolution, I became a victim of domestic war, an emotional casualty for a major portion of my life, entwined, entrapped and emotionally involved, until I learned how to become free.”

“I am the hungry little girl who sat in the sand over forty years ago waiting to be rescued by an ancient old man, I am Sara Niles, and this is my story.”

Torn From the Inside Out

Part I Living of the 'Flower Bed of Eden'

Chapter 1 The Garden of Eden
Chapter 2 Golden Memories
Chapter 3 The Age of Innocence
Chapter 4 Upheaval
Chapter 5 The Suitor
Chapter 6 The Wedding
End of Preview