Thursday, February 26, 2015

Are We on the Brink of Extinction: Siberian Blow Holes and Science

The Earth is sending up danger signals in the form of giant methane blowholes appearing in Siberia, and recently attributed to Global Warming. The images along with the warnings of the world's scientists remind me of  the Movie 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow in which both movies depict the world suffering  a cataclysmic disaster that wipes out millions and throws the world into another Ice Age. 
Before now, scientists speaking of global warming have been looked upon as over zealous professionals engaged in exercises in exaggeration and fear mongering. The earth is speaking out in support of scientist's claims that we may be in the process of self-annihilation as  we greedily compete for the earth's resources without regard for long term consequences. We drill, frack, blow-up and tear down, as Amazon Rain forests are raped of resources, and oil rigs set up shop drilling underground, disturbing the earth's layers and upsetting balances we may not fully understand. The emissions into the atmosphere and the unwelcome blasts into the the earth's crust, may all come with a price tag that is more than we can afford to pay.
Are the scientists right, are we heading toward sure disaster because of Global Warming?
Sara Niles
Image via Siberian Times
There were disastrous 'events' in the past:

"The first five “events” destroyed more than 75 per cent of this planet’s life.
Animals. Plants. Entire ecosystems. The fossil record reveals all were smashed by natural disasters such as asteroids.
It’s happening again: But this time the experts say we are the cause"
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