Monday, March 9, 2015

Young Malcolm London: High School Training Ground

Malcolm London: High School Training Ground

This Great Young Activist uses poetic dialogue, rhythmically delivered to make strong social statements about education, and the social influences that interfere with standard learning. Youth from homes that are filled with problems that are much bigger than the ones faced at school, come to school burdened with  more than the usual obstacles to success, internal, invisible obstacles. In Malcolm's speech, these invisible obstacles are brought to light, and the depth of the problems facing many of our youth are clearly revealed. Until the right problems are addressed the three RRR's and all that goes with it in our educational system, will never be able to reach all the 'right' minds and help all of America's youth to reach their potential.

America is rebuilt by each new generation, a little at a time and that is why the country needs all the healthy young minds and happy hearts we can give it.

Malcolm is one of those great young minds, busy changing the world. What if we had lost Malcolm, what a great loss that would have been. There are many more 'Malcolms' out there, in need of a clear path to success and happiness. The obstacles to that clear path include the social ills that have plagued American's for decades, from poverty, economic disparity, social divisions, racial divisions to generational patterns of destructive family dynamics. In order for all children to have the same paths to success, all children must have safe homes and their basic needs met, and all children must be able to feel physically and emotionally safe in their homes and free from abuse and neglect.

All children need to feel loved. These simple and basic requirements provide the foundation upon which education is built. Malcolm London eloquently points out that fact.