Monday, August 17, 2015

What If Donald Trump Became the President of the United States?

The question alone gets immediate attention, just as Trump himself is an attention magnet as proven by the political popularity poll for the Republican candidacy showing Trump in the lead by an increasing widening margin. 

 But really, What If ?

Donald Trump is known for strong personality and penchant for voicing his opinion regardless of the consequences, which is not a trait of a stable and diplomatic leader. International relations between countries during this volatile time in human history are fragile and must be handled with care, not with bombastic and grandiose rhetoric used carelessly by a single individual who sees himself as ‘Batman’ as Trump presented himself to kids during a Trump helicopter ride during the IOWA State Fair:  CNN

Batman of the movies was a rich billionaire capable of superhuman feats performed by an altruistic humanitarian, Batman as ‘The Donald’, (First wife, Ivana’s name for him), is another story. Trump as Batman would make a strangely different president of the United States, one whose word held special powers. In Trump’s form of ideology, he can say it and it happens. Among the statements made by Trump are the following:

  • Build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. and ‘Make Mexico’ pay for it
  • Deport (11,000,000) Immigrants, including children born in America
  • “Demand money from Middle East countries supported by the United States to help pay for the fight against extremist groups” Donald Trump's website
I have respect for Donald Trump the businessman, the Billionaire, but I have great fear of him ever becoming the next United States Dictator….oops, I meant President.
If Donald Trump became the next president of the U.S., I fear war would ensue with more than one country. The poor of America would suffer even more than now, immigrant families would be torn apart, and the government would become bogged down in an attempt to enforce unenforceable rules and laws. Donald Trump's campaign motto is 'Make America Great Again', as though we are no longer a Great Nation. America has been Great for hundreds of years, mainly because the United States of America is a progressive nation that adapts to suit the people of America and the needs of the world. American is also a democracy that bends to the needs of the people.

By the way…Mexico is one of the 23 countries that make up North America   and the U.S. has had peaceful relationships with those neighbor countries until now. .But... If ‘The Donald, becomes president?