Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS, International and Evil to the Core by Sara Niles

There is a serial killing psychopath on the loose killing thousands, and the killer is not a single person, but a collective group that is heavily funded and well organized: ISIS

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ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group is a dangerous presence in the world that bobs its head like a poisonous snake, and it is growing fast. Known for its barbarism and utter cruelty, ISIS shocks and angers the world by beheading people and burning them alive, spreading the images rapidly via the social media. The message itself is more propaganda than it is concrete, more irrational than reasonable, and it is because of this ISIS is able to draw those lost souls without a sense of direction who crave power and a place to belong in the world.Social Media is the recruiting station for ISIS as they fill minds of vulnerable people with hatred. ISIS is a powerful threat to world peace because it is growing in size and power, with an estimated force in Syria and Iraq of over  30,000 militant fighters
ISIS has a presence all over the world as this map shows (click on link).

What is its message and what does ISIS want, actually? In a nutshell, ISIS wants power, as much as it can get :What Does ISIS Want: The Atlantic In order to achieve great power, there has to be either a just cause behind it, or the illusion of a good cause, in this case ISIS speaks as though it is doing a religious service for the greater good. This is a method used often by cult leaders and propagandists: God told me to do it, or I am doing is for our God. ISIS wants to take over the world, and it is obvious by watching their behavior that nothing good will come of ISIS actions, at least that is true of reasonable people. The problem is religion is not always logical and reasonable, in this case ISIS uses the 'Judgment Day' as their excuse to create a man-made apocalypse: Bin Laden corporatized terror and franchised it out, so ISIS uses this model to go a step further, even further than the notorious Bin Laden. Evil is growing in the name of religion to the dismay of innocent and peaceful Muslims who want no part of it all.

The message of ISIS is so full of hate and so devoid of any constructive direction, that even al-Quida’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri  publicly disavowed any connection with this terrorist group, and ISIS responded  "Isis now presents itself as an ideologically superior alternative to al-Qaida within the jihadi community: Charles Lister in The Guardian. The ISIS threat is bold and arrogant in its claims and its actions are far worse.

 ISIS knows no bounds in its savagery and cruelty, as they murder women and children, old people, and innocent journalists. The rogue organization is recruiting militants from around the world by presenting an aura of power and strength to lure in those who crave power and what they perceive as recognition in the world. ISIS is like a bad kid gone wild, desperately wreaking destruction in order to get its way with no concern for the lives of others. The force of ISIS possesses a demonized  power that is dark and intangible, with an ideology so full of hatred and violence that it is evil to its core.

Like a dangerous pit viper in a closed room, ISIS must be stopped before their venom is spread further.

Sara Niles